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Stroke Therapy

Professional Physical Therapy in Miami, FL

At South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. we offer Physical, Occupational and speech therapy.

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On day one you will undergo an evaluation by each one of the treating therapists and an individualized plan of care addressing the problem areas found on evaluation will be outlined and discussed with you and your caregiver. Recommendations will be given in light of the evaluation findings as to other services or interventions needed.

Neuromuscular reeducation, PNF(proprioceptive neurological facilitation), bed mobility training, transfer training, gait training, ADL (activities of daily living) training, cognitive, and communication re-training. Modalities are used as needed to aid in the rehabilitation process by decreasing pain, normalizing tone and to promote increase of function.

At South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc. Balance and gait training are an integral part of stroke rehabilitation. Our physical therapists provide the necessary facilitation to enhance the patient's proprioception and balance reactions.

In our facility, in addition to the parallel bars and standing table, we have the Solostep, a unique piece of equipment that helps the patient maintain their balance while participating in their therapeutic program, thus eliminating the fear of falling. It helps to facilitate a more fluid gait and appropriate balance reactions. This allows the patient to learn to walk with the help of his therapist, over the floor and carpet, while partially supported. We are currently the only facility in South Florida that has a Solostep.

Bioness L-300 is a neuro retraining tool that assists patients who have drop foot in clearing their involved foot during the swing thru phase of gait by helping them strike with their heel.  We incorporate the use the Bioness during our therapy sessions as another tool to re train our patients to regain their function. 

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Neurodevelopmental (NDT) treatment for the adult hemiplegia and brain injured patients, with our certified physical therapists. This technique is the technique of choice in the rehabilitation of neuromuscular impairments. Our physical therapists have been certified in this technique and have attended numerous updates to its application.